# Bouncy Trampoline Games Kids Can’t Get Enough Of

Kids playing on a trampoline

When your kids are used to staying inside all day, glued to the television on their video games, it can be hard to encourage them to get outside and get some fresh air. Even when presented with toys meant for outside play, some children still will opt for the instant gratification that screens provide. That's where trampoline games come into play!

Why Use Creative Trampoline Games?

Kids playing on a trampoline

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You might remember having fun on trampolines as a child. Maybe your neighborhood friends were jealous of your backyard trampoline. Or maybe you waited patiently for those days when you got to go to kid's gym with an indoor trampoline to do flips on. Trampolines can provide loads of fun, and they are an easy way to help kids get some exercise or get out some pent up energy.

But there's a flip side; kids who are used to the excitement of smartphones and smart-pads might get bored pretty quickly with jumping. By introducing some trampoline games, you can turn your trampoline into the new thrill by getting on there and teaching your kids some games. The best way to motivate your kids to get outside is to lead by example, and by playing along with them, you show them how fun and easy it can be to enjoy the outdoors. And using games to pump up the fun introduces a level of competition and thrill that your little jumping beans will love.

What Are Creative Trampoline Games?

Jumping on a trampoline can exhaust you pretty quickly, so to make the fun last, you'll want a handful of games in your arsenal. You'll need ones that are high energy as well as ones that will give your kids a bit of a break. Before you know it, the afternoon will have passed by without a single glance at a screen!


This fun twist on an old game will give your kids a new way to experience one of their favorites. It's recommended for kids ages 5 and older, and works best with at least 3 players. Have the players line up along the trampoline. Lining up should make it easier to establish who goes "first." Have your first player go to the center of the trampoline and perform any trick they want. The next person will copy the trick that the previous player did, while adding on their own trick at the end. The third person goes to the center of the trampoline and does the same. This game can continue like this until someone is no longer able to remember the jump sequence correctly. That person is then "out" and can be the judge to make sure everyone correctly performs the sequence of tricks.

If you're playing with older kids, you can have them continue making longer sequences, adding on tricks after each player is eliminated. Or if you're playing with younger kids, it might be easier to start a new "round" each time a player is out. Instead of having the next person continue on with the sequence, you can have them start a new one. This way the sequence doesn't grow too long and overwhelming.

Marco Polo

This is another of those trampoline games that have been adapted from an old favorite. It's best for kids who are at least 5 years old, and works with a minimum of 3 players. Have one person sit in the center of the trampoline and close their eyes. As they audibly count to 10, the other players try to move around the trampoline without giving clues as to their whereabouts.

Once the center person has finished counting, they can call "Marco" whenever they like, and the other players must respond by yelling "Polo." This gives the center person an idea of where the other players are "hiding." The center person then tries to tag the other players while keeping their eyes closed. Once a player is tagged, they are the new "center" and must close their eyes and count to ten.

You might think that because this game is played in the small space of a trampoline instead of a pool, that it won't be as challenging or fun. But the trampoline allows the kids to escape being tagged by jumping and doing high-flying tricks. This will surely become a new favorite.

Water Jump

This game is perfect for those summer days that are unbearably hot. This game will give your little ones the giggles and help them cool off. Simply place a sprinkler beneath the trampoline, and let your little jumping beans play in the water. You can let the kids play like this, or you can integrate the sprinkler into most other trampoline games as well, to add an extra dose of fun and a way to cool off.


Did you know that for a small price you can purchase a basketball hoop that easily attaches to your trampoline? In a couple of minutes, you can turn your child's trampoline into their new favorite basketball court. Having a basketball hoop will give your kids endless hours of fun, and it will enable them to perform all their favorite basketball tricks with ease and height that they have only dreamed of.

There are plenty of options out there for trampoline basketball hoops depending on the ages of your kids. You might want a hoop that is very similar to the real thing for your older kids. But younger ones may benefit from hoops that are smaller and made of a soft material that won't hurt your kid if they knock their head against it. Trampoline basketball is best with at least two players, but your kid can also have a blast on their own.

Crack the Egg

This trampoline game is sure to bring lots of giggles. It can be played with two participants, but the more players, the better. Decide on one person to be "the egg." The egg sits in the middle of the trampoline and pulls their knees up to their chest, and wraps their arms around their legs. The other participants jump around as hard as they can until the egg cracks, or the person lets go of their legs.

The jumpers can't jump within a foot of the egg or directly touch the egg to try to get it to open. If it's clear whose jump broke the egg, have that person play the egg next.

Bouncing Balls

This is another silly game that is sure to crack your little ones up. Each person in this game will act as the "bouncing ball." When it's their turn, they jump and then allow themselves to fall directly on their bottom in the middle of the trampoline, without the use of their hands, as many times as they can in a row. When they stop bouncing, the next person tries to surpass the number of bounces landed by the previous ball.

This continues until a player is no longer able to surpass the previous player's bounces. That player is then out, and the next player starts the bounce again. To make this game even funnier, turn on the sprinkler!


This is one of the most popular trampoline games because it is a better version of dodgeball. It works best with kids who are at least 8 years old, and with a minimum of 6 players. Two players are on the trampoline and the rest of the players stand on the ground, surrounding the trampoline. A soft ball is given to the players on the ground to throw at the people on the trampoline. The players on the trampoline can use the trampoline to perform awesome tricks to avoid the ball.

If a player on the trampoline is hit with a ball, they change places with the player on the ground who hit them. Players can accumulate points by tagging someone out with the ball. For more fun, add in a second ball!

Hot Potato

It's all about keeping moving! Have all the players except for one get on the trampoline. One player will remain on the ground to throw a soft ball to the players on the trampoline. The players on the trampoline must continue jumping; if the player on the ground throws the ball to them, they must catch it and throw it back without stopping jumping.

If a player on the trampoline at any point stops jumping, drops the ball, or fails to catch it, they are out. The last remaining player is the winner!


Have all the kids start jumping around on the trampoline as you introduce a couple of plush balls onto the trampoline. As the kids jump, the balls will roll and bounce around. For this game, the balls are "poisonous" and can't be touched, so the kids must jump around them and out of their way to remain in the game. If a player is touched by the "poison" they are out.

As players get eliminated, you can make the game more challenging by adding in additional balls for the remaining players. The last person standing wins.

Chicken Knock-Down

Decide on one player to be designated as the "chicken" for the first round of this game. The chicken stands in the middle of the trampoline and the other players run around the trampoline. The chicken's goal is to get everyone else to fall down at once. They can try to do this by any means: jumping, getting everyone rolling with laughter, or knocking people down. The last person to be taken down by the chicken wins.

If you want to make this game a bit more fun and challenging, allow the players to get back up after they have been knocked down. This way, all the players must be knocked down at the same time for the chicken to win. Then have them pick the next player to be the "chicken."


Boy playing on a trampoline

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Whether your kids are naturally drawn to playing outdoors, or getting them to spend time outside is like pulling teeth, trampoline games are the perfect way to engage kids of all ages with different interests. Having a backyard trampoline is full of fun, but sometimes kids get bored without direction. Introducing trampoline games is a great way to play with them, encourage them to get outside, and ignite their imaginations.

Once you start showing your little ones the fun games that can be played on a trampoline, encourage them to come up with their own! They can take little parts from all their favorite games, and use their imaginations to patch them together. In no time, you won't have to pull your kids away from the television or video games for family time, but will be able to call them inside from playing, and ask them to wash up before dinner.

And of course, there are the obvious benefits to your kids getting regular exercise. They'll be able to release some of that pent-up energy playing on the trampoline, not fighting with one another. Regular exercise will increase their moods, not to mention their health. Of course, your little jumping beans can get regular exercise on the trampoline without the use of games, but using trampoline games makes it a much easier, and a much more enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole family.

For more ideas about backyard games that are fun for the whole family, visit our website!

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